Eli Zagury & Tamar Arnon

Eli Zagury and Tamar Arnon have curated the Franks-Suss collection since its inception by Simon Franks over a decade ago. Based in London, Zagury and Arnon are freelance curators and highly experienced art advisors who have worked in the contemporary art world for over 15 years. Well connected in the East and West they provide advise to both private and pubic institutions.

As the curators of the Franks-Suss Collection in London they curated an exhibition from the collection that was shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London from January to April 2010. This show was preceded by an exhibition of highlights from the collection in Franks’ private residence in Hampstead in September 2009.  A number of the artists Zagury & Arnon purchased for the collection very early on have gone on to have major international careers. These include China’s Zeng Fanzhi, Li Songsong and Jia Aili. Britain’s Idris Khan, Raqib Shaw & Toby Ziegler and Japan’s Kohei Nawa.

Zagury & Arnon have also curated numerous shows in private galleries, corporate spaces and museums. Recent shows include an exhibition of contemporary British Photography which toured Spanish museums and a retrospective of Chinese photographer Wang Qingsong ‘Follow Me’ currently touring Andalucía, Spain and an exhibition of portraits and nudes by Nadav Kander. Zagury & Arnon advise a number of private collectors worldwide. Eli Zagury is a nominee of the prestigious photography prize Prix Pictet whilst Tamar Arnon recently sat on the selection committee of Contemporary Collective Arts at the RDS in Dublin.

Since 2003 they have specialised in contemporary Chinese and Japanese art providing comprehensive in depth knowledge of art in this part of Asia whilst also still working closely with artists and galleries elsewhere in Asia, in Europe and the Americas. Their work takes them not only to all the main international art fairs and biennales but also to many degree shows, alternative exhibition spaces and off the beaten track artist studios around the world.