The Franks – Suss Collection is not simply about purchasing and collecting works of art. Since we established the collection over a decade ago we have always had a focus on not only on searching for and finding new talent but on also championing the artists we found.

And in championing our artists we hope we demonstrate to them our belief in and connection to their art and themselves. Our commitment to our artists is a key feature of the collection. We are not passive collectors. We are everything but passive collectors.

To promote our artist we hold shows in galleries, public spaces and museums, we help our artists find galleries to represent them, introduce them to other collectors and collections, introduce them to other artists, sometimes for advice sometimes for collaboration. We give commissions and promote their work to journalists and other curators. We include their work in other shows that the collections curators hold for other museums and public institutions. We do everything we can to show our solidarity and passion for our artists work. And nothing beats that feeling when our efforts have their desired affect and help an artist achieve their full potential.

As long as we keep finding emerging artists who excite us we will keep working hard to show their work to as wide an audience as possible and keep shouting about them and their work. Thankfully today we see many exciting artists on our horizon and plenty to keep shouting about.