Studio Visit with Annie Lapin

I was interested in finding an image that stood in stark contrast to the lavishly constructed drama of a Baroque portrait, one in which the painterly materiality of the work was laid bare and minimally applied, but which at the same time could still pull you into the same psychological sphere.

Visit with the artist Annie Lapin



Studio Visit with Zhang Yexing

Art comes to life of its own, to the greatest extent, I usually try to pick circumstances which resemble my own life style as a starting point for my images.

Visit with the artist  Zhang Yexing




Studio Visit with Nick Goss in his London Studio

I often equate the atmosphere of my paintings to a peculiar drone or ambient noise. I like musicians who enable the sounds they are working with to decay and disintegrate over time (artists like William Basinski and Tim Hecker). They somehow capture this process in the music. I look to do the same thing with the source material I am working from. To hint at an image, but then through the process of painting let that image disintegrate and collapse to reveal something else.

Visit with the artist Nick Goss



Studio Visit with Zhou Yilun at his 4 week residency in Basel, Switzerland

Sometimes it’s hard to start painting, and it’s even harder to stop!  Sometimes it’s difficult to finish a work, I always think I need to add something more to make it better to the point where it looks perfect to me. However, most important for me is to know when I reach this perfection as once a mistake is made I cannot go back.

Visit with the artist Zhou Yilun



Studio Visit with Michael Vasquez at his Miami Studio

Ultimately, I investigate the allure of a neighborhood street gang through the perspective of a boy growing up without a father figure, which is basically my childhood story. The idea of a ‘gang’ and it’s accompanying set of values seemed to offer everything I was looking for.

Visit with the artist Michael Vasquez



Visit to German artist Christian Schoeler’s Düsseldorf Studio

I don’t associate my work with the portraiture genre. Because it’s definitely not about representing a specific person through their individual properties. Also, I’m not interested in exercising sovereignty of interpretation over my models. Rather, I’m interested in the surface of the model, in this faint incorporeal mist which escapes from their bodies, in the film which envelops them.

Visit with the artist Christian Schoeler


Studio Visit with Artist Chen Ke

My biggest inspiration is by myself. I feel all the information you get must truly be observed by yourself and then gotten from yourself.

Visit with the artist Chen Ke

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