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Ana Elisa Egreja

Born 1983, Brazil.

 Ana Elisa Egreja graduated from the Visual Arts, FAAP and now lives and works in São Paulo. Recent exhibitions include: Solo show at Galeria Leme, Sau Pauolo, Brazil, Dark Room, Galeria Laura Marsiaj, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010), Temporada de Projetos, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil (2010), the collectives Seven Artists from São Paulo, CAB Contemporary Art, Brussels, Belgium (2012); Os Dez Primeiros Anos, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo, Brazil (2011) and Vestígios de Brasilidade, Espaço Santander, Recife, Brazil (2011). In 2007 Egreja won the 
Sarp, Ribeirão Preto, Acquisition Prize, MARP, Brazil; in 2008 she won the 
15° Salão da Bahia, Acquisition Prize, MAM, Brazil; in 2009 she won the Prêmio Energias na arte, Tomie Ohtake art Prize.

Egreja creates visual explorations of internal spaces featuring imaginary symbols, patterns, animals and landscapes. With a growing focus on the environments depicted in her canvasses, she paints interiors from images of houses and other inhospitable and abandoned places, and transforms them into sites full of narratives.

In her 2013 solo show Egreja featured stained glass windows in many of her paintings. These were realistically painted with light coming through them. Using thick brush strokes to paint the stained glass and tiny and thin brushes to paint hammered glasses, Egreja manages to depict the intricate forms and light beams that each kind of glass transmits.

Egreja keeps provoking the viewer to search for traces of imagery to fit a narrative of multiple possibilities.
 The painter seeks, through light, colours and ornaments, using her technical perfection and vibrant palette, to create environments that suggest to the viewer a surreal vision of utopia, harmony, beauty and comfort.

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