The Americas

David Jien

Born 1981, USA

David Jien grew up with Nintendo, and there were two formats for play: side-scroll and isometric view, like in role-playing games. He loved playing the RPG’s because you could see everything, like a map. So he always drew his pictures like that too. He feels he can describe the most information in this format. His drawings depict a vertiginous temporal reality, alternating between the dawn of a folkloric world when mythological creatures still walked amongst men, and an unknown future in which aliens have finally reached contact. There is an overarching sense of fantasy, of going There and Back Again on an episodic quest.

His drawings are about an alternate reality, based on real life experiences. He would like the viewer to feel like they are walking into the secret level.

Jien has always had a simple love for letters, and for bending, melting and stretching them till they are hardly recognizable and take on a whole new meaning of their own. It all started with robots that turned into letters and numbers.  In high school he was introduced to graffiti. He also likes the idea of naming things or people, the idea of individuality.

Other influences include: anime and manga (his favourite is One Piece), nature, print-making, the Wu tang clan, ninja turtles, Roald Dahl, Chinese scroll painting, and all the things that happen during night hours.

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