The Americas

Ryan Estep

Born 1980, USA.

Estep studied for his BA at the Michigan State University, East Lansing and holds a Master’s in Fine Art from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Estep solo exhibitions include:  Hot Wuss; Repeated, Ellis King, Dublin, Ireland 2014; Untitled, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York, NY 2013. His group exhibitions include: Idiosynchronism, Dickinson Roundell Inc., New York, 2014; Ain’tings, Robert Blumenthal Gallery, New York, NY 2014; Untitled, Makebish Gallery, New York, 2013; Natures Mortes II, FiFi Projects, Mexico City, 2013; Stop By, Say Hi, Makebish Gallery, New York, 2013; Bronx Arts Space, Bronx, New York, 2012; Welcome to New York, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, 2011.

Estep’s unique and experimental abstract paintings are labour-intensive and are made in his studio with a systematic set of rules and in premeditated actions. His creative process sees him making a mixture of equal parts charcoal and drywall mud, which is then used to patch the walls of his studio, sanded down and then collected as a powder form. The dirt is taken, mixed with an organic disinfectant and heated to 600 degrees.  This sterile material is then silkscreened onto canvas and re-stretched while still wet.

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