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Sofia Borges

Born 1984, Brazil.

Sofia Borges graduated with a Fine Arts Bachelor degree from the Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo. Borges has won many awards including the Prêmio Porto Seguro de Fotografia and was one of the Brazilians shortlisted for the Paul Huf Award 2010 in Amsterdam (Netherlands). In 2008 she won the ‘Incentivo à Pesquisa e Produção’ scholarship from the Government of Pernambuco. Borges has held numerous solo exhibitions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Ribeirão Preto and Londrina (all cities in Brazil) between 2008-2012. She has also participated in several group exhibitions, such as: A Nova Fotografia Brasileira at SESC Belenzinho in São Paulo (Brazil) and Eu me Desdobro em Muitos at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – CCBB do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Borges is currently showing a large body of work at the 2012 Bienal de São Paulo.

Borges is an artist heavily involved in research and in pushing her medium of photography to new heights. She aims to blur the boundaries between photography and scientific, political or historical documentation whilst producing large scale prints that appear at first like paintings. Her work is so surprising and thought provoking it requires careful and close viewing.  This young artist is considered by many in the art world as one of the most promising and exciting young talents working in Brazil today.

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