Liang Quan 梁銓

Born 1948, China.

Liang Quan is originally from Shanghai.  He graduated with a masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1982. He has exhibited widely in Asia and his work is in many important museum collections including The Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shanghai Art Museum, The National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art and The British Museum. Liang Quan currently lives and works in Shenzhen, China.

In a country known for it’s figurative painters Liang Quan is a rarity. An artist passionate about abstract painting and inspired by Zen Buddhism and meditation. Though trained in traditional landscape painting, years of experimentation and exploration lead Liang to produce a pure and neutral style of abstraction mainly using a light palette of whites, off whites, brown stains from tea and pastels. Liang’s technique is precise and labour intensive. He makes collages using eastern materials like rice paper, carefully collaged onto linen layer by layer, soaked in tea and painted with ink or dye.

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