Liu Xiaodong 刘小东

Born 1963, China

Liu Xiaodong graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, B.A., in 1988 then obtained an M.F.A., from the Academy of Fine Arts and then studied at the University of Complutense, Madrid, Spain, 1998-1999.  He currently teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China and lives and works from his studio in Beijing. He is one of China’s leading contemporary painters, has exhibited internationally and continues to be a favorite among both collectors and museum curators worldwide.

Liu Xiaodong belongs to the generation of prominent Chinese artists that emerged within the period of the New Wave or New Generation artists in the mid 80’s. With artists groups and movements flourishing across China during the second half of the Eighties, it was the beginning of a transformation of artistic practices that followed the end of the Cultural Revolution and continues to this day.

Liu Xiaodong’s got noticed by the artwold in 1990 with his first solo exhibition in Beijing. Unlike many of his contemporaries who created in the styles of Cynical Realism and Political Pop, Liu Xiaodong painted brutally realist paintings that focused on Chinese people in the world around him.  His poignant work, whilst realist, is anything but cynical, depicting the psychic landscape of the new China. His oeuvre is created as a portrait of his immediate circle of family and friends, of his generation and the world of contemporary Asia.  His settings are commonplace and familiar: a roadside, a restaurant, a garbage pit, a crime scene, a construction site, a public bath, a swimming pool or even bedrooms of male and female prostitutes.

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