LV Xin 吕欣

Born 1977, China.

LV Xin is originally from Leshan, Sichuan province. He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Sichuan in 2000 and since 2002 has had a number of solo exhibitions in China and was included in the group show ‘Chinese Oil Paintings New Force Exhibition’ at the National Art Museum of China.

LV Xin’s paintings are narrative-based, depicting what appear to be childhood memories. Simple and melancholy, they feature children, animals and dolls conveying sadness, confusion and helplessness.  The paintings are somewhat naïve in their style but not in their meaning as the artist uses the world of children as a microcosm of the adult world. LV Xin says of his work: “I think the ideal life should include personal dignity, independent character and the pleasure of thinking. Painting is my weapon to resist the dull world on the way to this kind of life”.

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