Song Kun 宋琨

Born 1977, Inner Mongolia.

Song Kun studied oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing where she studied under Liu Xiaodong. Song Kun currently lives and works in Beijing. A founding member of the N12, a group of twelve ambitious young graduates of the Central Academy of Fine Arts who have been organizing their own annual exhibitions, Song Kun was educated after the Cultural Revolution and raised in an era of major socio-political change in China.

Song Kun’s moody paintings are inspired by the minutia of her daily life. Painting in great detail her imagery tells us the story of her inner life. Through her art she explores her concerns, fears, desires, and confusion experienced by her and her fellow contemporary Chinese artists. Other less personal influences that can be seen in her work include Chinese landscape painting, animé, traditional still lifes by European masters and Sigmund Freud.   Her work interprets mobility, migration, and movement as political and sentimental devices of both control and resistance that have become characteristic of life in contemporary China.

Song Kun has exhibited internationally including at the Hammer Museum in LA, in Paris and across Asia. She is widely collected and was named one of the most promising young female artists during the 2005 Triennial of Chinese Art.

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