Yang Yongliang 杨泳梁

Born 1980, China.

Yang Yongliang is from Shanghai where he was taught from an early age Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy and various art forms by Yang Yang, a professor at Hong Kong Chinese University, Shanghai Fine Art Institute. He then studied art at The Shanghai Arts & Crafts Vocational College, Visual Communication Department then at the China Fine Art Academy Institute, Visual Communication Department, Shanghai Branch.  Yang Yonglian has exhibited widely in Asia, Europe and the USA including participating in shows at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, Si Shang art museum, Beijing, UCCA / Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, The Museum of Fine Arts of Lille, France and The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.  Currently lives and works in Shanghai

Since 2005 Yang Yongliang has been experimenting and creating digital pictorial works using a wide variety of mediums such as modern ink painting, photography and video art. His photographs and videos feature meticulously created compositions that seamlessly interweave scenes of modern China of the 21st century with traditional Chinese landscapes. These original and complex artistic creations, in which the artist implements both traditional Chinese painting techniques as well as the latest digital tools available, reflect on the cultural environment and history of China.

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