Zhang Quan 张诠

Born 1967, China.

Zhang Quan who is originally from Wuhan graduated in 1989 from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts. The artist now lives and works in Wuhan & Beijing. He has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions around the world featuring ink works and his work is in many private Asian collections.

Zhang Quan is a modern master of ink painting. He is constantly examining the possibilities presented by ink painting in a contemporary and international context.  The technique maybe a traditional one but Zhang Quan’s subject matter is from the modern world drawn from his everyday experiences of an artist living in China in the 21st century. Zhang Quan is an artist searching for his spiritual heritage at the same time as he’s exploring the present and future trends in international art scenes.  He works in a disciplined and precise manner, carefully layering the paper with brush strokes that reduce brush and ink to their purest form.

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