Neil Raitt

Born 1986, UK.

Neil Raitt received a BA from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2009 before completing an MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art in 2013.  He lives and works in London.

Neil Raitt produces paintings that explore the excessive nature of visual language and the landscape of painting within the digital age. Often large in scale, the work represents an element of magic within the mundane of the everyday. Blurring the lines between figuration and abstraction, symbols of the spectacle are reduced to a pattern where the illusion of space is momentarily suspended. Like the act of repeatedly saying a word until it loses it’s meaning, the work finds a break in language through the process of painting. The invisible wall between the viewer and the source material becomes the residue of the event that lives on in the memories of the people who were there.

In his painting, Raitt produces work that is immersive and hypnotic.  His subjects are natural and have repetition of motif that particularly in Alpine 2, draw the viewer within, creating a surface that is absorbing.  However the romance of the landscape is rendered something darker by the labyrinthine patterning and the apparently endless quest contained within, and the borders of the canvas continue into infinity – Raitt does brilliantly what painting does best – hint at whole universes that are continuing in the sub-conscious, in parallel to that which is observed – his are interior landscapes.

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