Nick Goss

Born 1981, UK

Nick Goss studied at the Slade, University College, London (2002-06) and the Royal Academy Schools, London (2006-09). Goss lives and works in London. He has held a solo show ‘Veverka’ at the Josh Lilley Gallery in 2010. Other recent presentations include Art HK in May 2011, The Armory Show New York, in March 2010, and Saatchi’s New Sensations in October 2009. In 2011 he participated in NEWSPEAK: British Art Now, at the Saatchi Gallery.

Goss is fast becoming one of the most promising young talents working in London today. After just one solo show in London in 2010 Goss already has a long waiting list for his sophisticated semi representational canvases.

Goss’s works are closely involved within the paradox of observation, escapism and memory. He uses photographic material he shoots as his starting point for creating mysterious compositions that depict fairgrounds and other urban locations, body parts, still lives, architecture and abstracts brush strokes. Thanks to his unique technique and composition, painting lightly and leaving some of the canvas untouched whilst inserting unexpectedly cartoon characters and other surprising elements in the work, his shabby urban landscapes can somehow be viewed in a more romantic way.

His thought provoking paintings, though very personal and nostalgic of Goss’s own childhood, invite the viewer to delve into their own personal memory to interpret the work.

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