Eri Itoi

Born 1982, Japan

Itoi is a graduate of the Edinburgh School of Art, Scotland. She makes delicate, intricate drawings of young women, wearing their feelings and emotions. Similarly to depictions of religious Saints these portraits are not about creating a likeness but are about portraying a mood.

She states, ‘My drawings are like the outside of me; they are barely visible, quiet, diminutive, trying to hide, de-saturated, intense, exact, precise, miniscule. Through my drawings I am trying to accept myself. The people in my drawings, (‘Particulars’) are complex people. They are trying to live their life so hard. They hate how they are and how they look, and are always too aware of what people think about them. They are always deep in thought, thinking about how other people feel and act (but are often mistaken because they use their imagination too much). They have an inferiority complex, always feel gloomy and fear being part of society”.

Represented by: www.davidrisleygallery.com

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