Izumi Keiji

Born 1973, Japan

Izumi Keiji graduated in 2001 with a BA from the Sculpture Department, Tokyo Zokei University and in 2003 completed his Postgraduate Studies at Tokyo Zokei University.

Young contemporary sculptor Izumi Keiji creates figures that are pure fantasty, yet somehow familiar, and humorous: a man who is a union of an afro and a Martian; a man who is clenching a fist that seems crowned with an erupting volcano; a girl with flyaway balloon hair; an elderly person with a beard connected to smoke; and so on. They all bring forth laughter with their sense of humour and leap in logic.

Keiji’s creative process is quite unique. First, a semi-nude figure clad in underwear is carved. Then, clothing is added in putty. Lastly, colour is added mainly through the use of coloured pencils. It is amazing to see Izumi’s skillful attention to particulars that allows him to creatively express motifs without a predetermined shape: the clothing’s wrinkles, textures, waves, clouds, and smoke. The balance between such attention to detail and his fantastical and humorous motifs brings forth a tension that makes for unique sculptural pieces that achieve a high level of completion.

As expressed by Izumi, “I want to incorporate various elements in my pieces, just as my own personality is structured from various elements”.

Represented by: www.arataniurano.com

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