Middle East

Sepideh Saii

Born 1979, Iran

Sepideh Saii is a multi-disciplinary artist working between Vancouver and London. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan. Saii has taught courses in video production at the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. She received her BFA in Integrated Media from Emily Carr University in 2003 and an MA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London in 2009. In her art practice, Sepideh appropriates popular feature films by inserting herself literally into the big picture in place of characters that are projected onto her body as she acts out the scenes with them. For Sepideh the simple intervention of standing in-between the projector and the image represents a movement from absorption to interaction. She views this gap as a stage where she can perform her desired fantasies, enter into the film and be seen and heard on screen. The fact that this is impossible separates her from the image and disrupts the illusion, making her attempts more personal and theatrical.


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