Eko Nugroho

Born 1977, Indonesia

Eko Nugroho got an MFA from the Indonesian Art institute in 2006 and now lives and works in Yogyakarta, Java. Nugroho is an emerging artist making an impact in South East Asia. He came to be an artist through sheer dedication and drive as he put himself through art school selling rice and peddling souvenirs in the street. In recent years, he has exhibited widely throughout Asia and Europe. He is already in many public and private collections including: Tropen Museum, Amsterdam, Gallery of Modern Art ( GOMA) Brisbane, Australia. Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, USA. Singapore Art Museum, Singapore and Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany. In 2011 Eko Negruo will have a solo show in NY and take part in a major group show in Berlin and will take part in a studio residency in Germany in August followed by a five month residency in Paris.

Nugroho’s works are highly political as they comment on the fast changing society around him. As Nugroho says: “My everyday life here in Indonesia is dominated by issues such as poverty, social injustice, religious fanatics, corruption, and it is difficult to turn away from it.” Negruho who lives in Java is influenced by many traditional Asian art forms like traditional batik and embroidery styles and Javanese shadow puppetry but creates work that is also influenced by international contemporary art trends like graffiti and street art.

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