The Americas

Ajit Chauhan

Born 1981, USA

Ajit Chauhan attended Emerson College in Boston for film in a program that was part of an Art’s Consortium with Berkeley School of Music, Mass Art & the Museum School.  After a year Chauhan moved back to California and began taking evening classes at Otis (Printmaking), Art Center of Pasadena (Photography) & UCLA (Psychology & Papermaking). Chauhan currently works and resides in San Francisco, California.

Through abstract construction, repetition and (flattened) movement, Chauhan’s erased LP’s have materialized into something like “a plaid, hypnotized into a rhythm.”  In previous series, the sanded flat works deconstructed the figure to experiment with a mass produced anonymity. Hair, eyes and limbs, the figurative was rendered abstract. The new body of work, however, imposes new forms onto the static LP’s through erasure and has moved on to abstraction.

In addition to the erased LP’s, Chauhan has also created stamp drawings and completed puzzles, which also deal with the themes of structural rhythm, progression and movement. Within these works, formally, a multitude constitutes a singularity so the content of ephemera, residuals and repetition may break through.

Chauhan has exhibited at the UC Davis Museum, the Grimm Museum in Berlin, White Columns NY, the SONS Museum in Kruishoutem, Belgium, the Saatchi Gallery, and Meet Factory, the Int. Center for Contemporary Art in Prague.


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