The Americas

Andisheh Avini

Born 1974, USA.

Andisheh Avini was born in New York and was educated at Hunter College. He has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions since 2002, including shows in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Basel, Madrid and Paris. He currently lives and works in New York.

Avini uses the subjective experience of his Iranian heritage as a platform from which to explore more collective notions of memory and the significance of imagery. Geometric designs that are recognizable from Iranian culture and have been painted over by the artist are often found in his work. Avini’s aesthetic interventions obstruct and complicate the language of the traditional designs, both in a visual and conceptual sense.

Avini’s diverse artistic practice includes painting, sculpture and installation, which he often creates using custom-made and readymade materials. One of these “readymade” materials, which he uses as a base for his painted compositions, is carpet. Here, Avini explores the banality and textured warmth of this unconventional material, rarely used in the cotemporary art world, to further disrupt traditional notions of the painterly practice. Avini’s work demonstrates a keen interest in appropriation and aesthetic intervention and it provides a platform for ongoing investigation into the larger art historical discussion regarding the tension between craft, design, and “high art”.

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