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Kon Trubkovich

Born 1979, Russia.

Kon Trubkovich was born in Moscow and lived there until he was 11 when his family moved to the USA. Since 2006 he has had a number of solo shows at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York and OHWOW Gallery, Los Angeles. His has also participated in many group shows in the USA, Europe and in the Middle East. Trubkovich lives and works in New York.

Trubkovich is a master of habitual re-appropriation. His conceptual paintings draw on the politics of the Cold War in the Soviet Union and his own family’s experience of that era. A theme he returns to time and again in his large-scale paintings of paused stills from video footage taken from his personal family video archive and from videos downloaded from the internet.

Trubkovich is obsessed with how memories get distorted, even if they were carefully documented on film. He says: “what I really want to explore is how remembering and forgetting can be understood in terms of flatness and space. All our human impulses guide us back to moments in our past that are somehow always out of reach. My memory is distorted. The land of my childhood is gone. My only way back is the paintings. My paintings are of remembering and forgetting”.

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