Bi Jianye 毕建业

Born 1985, China.

Bi Jianye is an emerging artist originally from Dandong city in Liaoning province and now lives and works in Shenyang. He has been showing with one of Beijing’s most important contemporary art galleries, Platform China since graduating from the Department of oil painting, LuXun Academy of
Fine Arts, Shenyang in 2008.

Bi Jianye’s recent paintings feature a scene from nature but with a difference as they reveal an out of place still life motif, a box, carefully placed into the composition. The box maybe a comment by Bi Jianye that refers to the artist as a lonely and isolated figure in society or perhaps it refers to human intervention with nature and the environment, often so forceful and unnatural, an issue which is close to the heart of young Chinese artists who were born in the 1980’s. Bi Jianye uses thick paint that reveal carefully painted surfaces, using a muted palette of browns and creams to create quiet and assured compositions made by an artist who is young yet mature and confident in his art.

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