Fu Yingying 傅莹莹

Born 1983, China

Fu Yingying took her undergraduate degree at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, finishing in 2006 before graduating with a Masters Degree from the renowned Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 under the tutelage of one of China’s greatest contemporary artists, Liu Xiao Dong. Fu Yingying has received numerous prizes, and institutions such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Today Art Museum are collecting her work. She is becoming much observed by members of the Chinese contemporary art scene.

Fu’s work consists largely of a combination of pencil drawings and oil painting on canvas. Her portrayals are often based on her everyday life experiences. Almost all the themes depicted by Fu centre on her life on campus, and as an avid swimmer, swimming scenes often take centre stage in her work. The marked contrast between the colours and the black and white creates an alarming juxtaposition of the different phases in time. The cracking intrusion of the pencilled plants into the crystal-like imagery of Fu’s oeuvre strikes a symmetrical balance within the composition while achieving a sense of frozen reality and stillness of time.

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