Jia Aili 贾蔼力

Born 1979, China

Jia Aili attended Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art in Shenyang in North East China. He has had solo exhibitions in Shanghai (2009); Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei (2009); DoART, Beijing (2008) and Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Beijing(2007). He has also exhibited in many group exhibitions across China, as well as in Puerto Rico CIRCA 10, (2010), INIVA, London (2010), The Frank-Suss Collection at Saatchi Gallery, UK; Jungle- A Close Up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Beijing (2010);10 Years, LuXun, Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, (2009); Subtlety, Platform China, Beijing, (2008); Looking for Me, Minsheng Center for Contemporary Art, Shanghai, (2008); Making Time, Waiting for the answer, DoART, Beijing, China (2007); Beyond Image –Chinese New Painting, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, (2007); Removing the Ladder, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, (2006); Hold on and Break Through, China National Museum, Beijing, (2006).

Jia Aili is one of the rising stars of a new generation of artists to emerge in China in the first decade of the 21st century. This generation is less interested in social politics but is focused on ‘the self’ and the individual perspectives of these artists. Interestingly Jia Aili was born in 1979 the year that the one-child policy was introduced.

Jia Aili often paints monumental paintings using a muted colour palette, deep blue and green hues, and quick brushwork, reflecting on the human condition and disorientating emotions felt in a fast developing Chinese society. The artist lives and works in Beijing but has chosen to depict in his work a very private world and private moods rather than public events or the politics of modern day China. His landscapes also comment on environmental issues, issues that are not confined to China but are of universal interest.

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