Ma Dan 马丹

Born 1985, China

Ma Dan obtained a BA and MA from the Fine Art Institute of Yunnan University and lives and works in Kunming, Yunnan, China. This year, 2011, sees her first solo show ‘Lucky Field’ at the Dialogue Space in Beijing.

Ma Dan’s works reveals an unexpected simplicity. Such simplicity comes not only from the beauty of Yunnan’s scenery under her brush, but also from the purity of her intimate yearning for perfection. In the relatively short history of Chinese contemporary art, the painting of Yunnan’s scenery has had its hour of fame. Then again, Ma Dan is not really trying to make a realistic representation of those sceneries; rather, they seem to come out of her dreams. Ma Dan, who dreams every night, often sees in her dreams memories of her youth in her native Yunnan, – her beloved home place which so beautiful and nice to her heart. She sees the plants with the stout leaves, the stocky mountain ranges, and people with blurred faces; these images are made up by mental reconstruction, and here, all the details that are irrelevant to beauty are kept out, only bright and happy colours remain.

Ma Dan’s original paintings invite us to share her deeply felt joys and sorrows.

In her work we can rediscover freedom, simplicity and innocence, qualities rarely seen in today’s contemporary art world.

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