Wang Qingsong 王庆松

Born 1966 China

Since turning from painting to photography in the late 1990s, Beijing based artist Wang Qingsong has created compelling works that convey an ironic vision of 21st-century China’s encounter with global consumer culture. Working in the manner of a motion-picture director, he conceives elaborate scenarios involving dozens of models that are staged in film studio sets. The resulting color photographs, such as “Night Revels of Lao Li”, “Can I Cooperate with You?”, employ knowing references to classic Chinese artworks to throw an unexpected light on today’s China, emphasizing its new material wealth, its uninhabited embrace of commercial values, and the social tensions arising from the massive influx of migrant workers to its cities in “Sentry Post”, Dormitory” and “Dream of Migrants”.

As one of China’s leading artists he has exhibited internationally in many museums and galleries including most recently: Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia, Almeria, Spain, Sala Vimcorsa, Cordoba for their 2011 Photography Biennial, Three Video Projects, Pékin Fine Arts, Beijing, China, Hammer Project, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, U.S.A and China: Past, Present & Future, Museum der Stadt Ratingen, Ratingen, Germany.

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