Zhou Yilun 周轶伦

Born 1983, China.

Zhou Yilun is from Hangzhou where he still lives and works. He graduated from Hangzhou China Art Academy oil painting department in 2006.

Organised chaos springs to mind when viewing Zhou Yilun’s work. He uses a wide range of material as a resource for his work. Old frames, newspapers, adverts, photographs, pornography, landscape painting, historical references and sketches all find their way into his art resulting in a journey of discovery for the viewer. Though still young, Zhou Yilun is focused, tenacious and cheeky and technically a great draftsman. He knows what he wants to say and finds the visual tools to express his views in his unique expressive style.

His small-scale paintings and collages are usually hung in installation clusters requiring careful inspection of the various compositions and subjects. The large-scale paintings are more painterly, colourful and fluid.

Showing regularly with Platform China, one of Beijing’s leading contemporary art galleries, and already included in group shows in New York and Basel this year, Zhou Yilun is a young Chinese artist to watch. His endless energy, charisma and sheer talent are all likely to turn him into one of China’s most successful young artists.

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