Alejandro Guijarro

Guijarro  graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Photography in 2010.  He has shown extensively with Tristan Hoare Gallery in London, and was included in the Saatchi Gallery exhibition NEW ORDER, British Art Today 2013.  He has also exhibited internationally in Italy, France and Spain.

In one fell swoop, Alejandro Guijarro combines the personal history of everyone man with the revelation of the secrets of how life is understood.  With the idea of the photographed mathematics blackboards in key universities such as Stanfort and Oxford, Guijarro brings us back to our earliest recollection of the teacher, of communal learning.  At the same time, he brings us to the wealth of sophisticated mark-making that evokes the rhythm of aesthetics alongside the logic of quantum physics and mathematical relationships, opening a dialogue between art and science at a theoretical level.

What Guijarro does is provoke questions around authorship, intent and classification systems, he involves art history alongside the scientific discoveries that make the world readable, and instills this in an object that has the banal and the rarified in one.

Alejandro Guijarro is represented by: Tristan Hoare Gallery


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