Idris Khan

Born 1978, UK.

Khan was born in Birmingham, England and now lives and works in London. He received his MA in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in 2004 and has since exhibited internationally in a number of major group exhibitions including Contemporary Photography and the Archive at SFMOMA and the traveling group show Regeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, organized by the Musée de l’Elysee in Switzerland. Recent solo exhibitions of Khan’s works have been held at Victoria Miro Gallery, London (2006), Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco (2006) and Thomas Schulte Gallery, Berlin (2007). His films will be presented at “Late at Tate Britain” and Kunst Film Biennale in Koln, Germany later this year. In addition, Khan has two major public art commissions in London and Dublin in 2008. Last year Khan was invite to give a lecture at the Guggenheim Museum in NY.

Idris Khan’s work is an enigmatic play of appropriation and re-creation. Combining analog and digital photographic techniques, his works possess characteristics more akin to drawing or painting, animated by the accumulative intervention of the artist’s hand. Known for his works based on historical figures such as the Bechers, Caravaggio, Bach, Turner and Freud, Khan treats the works of such figures as literal building blocks to create a single composite image.

Idris Khan employs literary text, digital photographs, and musical scores to create works that call into question modes of appropriation, religion, authorship and abstraction. His point of departure is photography but he is constantly exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of his medium. This exploration has produced in recent years a number of video installations and sculptures.

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