Jessica Wallis

 Born 1986, UK

Jessica Wallis graduated from Royal College of Art in 2013.  Her work has featured in several exhibitions, including at the Dyson Gallery in Notes to Self (2013) and Paradise (2012) at Milan Salon, Milan.  Her work is contained in Wimbledon School of Art Artist Book collection and in Royal College of Art Print Collection.

Jessica Wallis focuses on the quest for Utopia, and the inevitability of failure in this quest is the subject of FORMULA FOR DISASTER (2012, Film).  In piecing together disaster movies excerpts over the last 100 years, she examines the quest for control of the constant flux of striving for utopia and the unrelenting desire for control over nature that characterises mankind.

In Wallis’ s methodology, she examines the role of mainstream cinema and film-making within the lexicon of fine art film making, in both subject matter and the means of access, of where technology has moved to allow appropriation as well as how the rendering of technological advances might substitute for the real experiences or indeed become the paradigm of the real.  Wallis challenges our very terms of reference.




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