Luke Turner

Born 1982, UK

Turner graduated from the Royal College of Art’s Photography MA department in 2010 and currently lives and works in London.

Turner’s practice revolves around the experience of art, the visual realm, and the ghosts of art history. In his ‘Annunciations’ series, Turner takes Renaissance paintings as a starting point, using photography to attempt to extract, distil and trace the essential element that embodies the autonomous affect of the image, the excess that reveals the unbound plasticity of art. He starts by plotting the line that charts a painting’s chromatic densities, throwing and spinning this around, before creating a three-dimensional model of the resultant form, which he finally photographs like some kind of strange, auratic, kinetic object. Turner’s practice is in equal measure analytical, aleatoric and subjective, utilising mathematics, sculpture, image making and the creative act. It thus provides an abstruse framework for production that sets out to undermine its own methodology, in order to probe the paradoxical characteristics of the autonomous image, and to reveal the alchemical nature of the formless object of art itself.

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