Markus Putze

Born 1969, Germany

Putze studied painting at The Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg (class of Prof. Christine Colditz) between 1991-97, having previously studied Germanistics and Anglistics at the Otto-Friedrich University, Bamberg, Germany. He now lives and works in Nuremberg.

Putze creates large-scale wall installations, which mostly consist of wall drawings and appliquéd watercolours that show nature in connection with the human, putting emphasis mostly on women. He creates a mysterious jungle-like landscape, where apparitional silhouettes of women appear, almost invisible at the first sight. Forests feature widely in Putze’s work, forests that give way to faces or spider webs, which in turn are not just webs, but broken panes putting the viewer in a new and romantic environment. Because of all this complexity, Putze’s pictures are very ambivalent compositions, rich in contrast and at times mysterious. He links pictures and writing, painting and drawing, figuration and abstract, light and dark, in colour and in black and white, pornographic motifs contrast with motifs from classical painting. His extremely complex compositions, that change from positive to negative forms, in which forests become nets and then women again, continue into his watercolours and drawings.


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