Simon Mathers

Born 1984, UK

Simon Mathers studied art at Goldmiths College of Art and then The Royal College of Art where he graduated with an MA in Painting in 2010. He has since been shown in a number of group shows including: State of the Newly Incarnate Soul, Hidde Van Seggelen Gallery; The Drifting Canvas, curated by Robin Footitt and Tom Cole, Cole Contemporary and MOT International, Program of Events, MOT International and Radiaal Moderne, Cole Contemporary, Art Rotterdam, Feb 2011.

Artist statement: “There is, just like in all good DIY endeavours, a desire and/or problem in trying to coax this something into reality. Most problems have resolved and it’s how to invent and reinvent the resolve that makes the work. There has to be a converse between logic and the illogic for there to be anything worth watching. The mode and the wherewithal to make the desireable, has to be obtained through a touch and a medium that has been created or conjured specifically for this painting. Language is important, as is sensory stimulation. Drawing is imperative. The practice simulates itself as a process-driven investigation that sucks on the image. I want to make the image become part of the process. I want the image to become involved in the process. Making basic printing blocks, roller prints, spray stencils and the like, I can run the repeated image, the fluctuation of the handmade mechanical and the use of transparent, synthetic and traditional materials and techniques alongside each other and open up avenues that hadn’t previously been”.


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