Tobias Brothers

Born 1973, Romania

Gert and Uwe Tobias were born in the Transylvanian region of Romania and moved to Germany with their family at the age of 12.  Today they still live and work in Cologne, Germany. They have had several museum shows in Europe and the USA, are part of many important international collections and have won several art awards.

The Tobias Brothers create paintings, sculptures and prints known as their typewriter drawings. Large scale at times, these drawings and prints mix the traditional technique of woodcut printing with painting, typography, and the creation of image-poems using a typewriter to type out, rather than draw.

Their imagery combines influences from mythology, history and folklore and draws inspiration from horror films and abstract art of the early 20th century, modern graphic design and ancient ceramic forms. Their vividly coloured images, objects and environments evoke a world that is hallucinatory and strange, creating a strange and wonderful world with its very own cultural memory.

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